Deviant – Loading The Gun 7” (11 PM Records)


Deviant are fast and aggressive hardcore punk band from Richmond, VA and Loading The Gun is their astonishing brand new material presented as 7” record which has been published on 11 PM Records. It’s good to mention that Deviant previously released Demo on cassette tape and a digital two song Promo, both published sometime in 2017. This material starts with great track called The War Inside, such a great introduction track which will punch you directly in the face with midtempo rhythms and palm muted guitars. Next one is album titled Loading The Gun, much faster tune in vein with a lot of old school hardcore punk, but presented with power chord ideas totally covered with abrasive distortion. No Purpose is a next one and nihilistic track title brings fast chaotic atmosphere into life, but once again Deviant are playing on a safe card with powerful hardcore punk riffs and lot’s of drum fills placed in between fast drum tempos. Denial comes up next and this is another faster tune where pure aggression comes at the surface in a ridiculously simple, but yet effective form. Deviant continues to amaze with Erotic And Evil, such an amazing track which will nail your head to the wall from the begining to the very end with well balanced guitar riffs and impressive rhythm section. Pride is a last track and the longest on this 7” record. Once again, Deviant are bringing sheer audio terror to the speakers with pure old school hardcore punk riffs and vocals which are continuously nailing it throughout the whole record. Loading The Gun 7” is not for those who are looking out for a music which will keep them calm and relaxed. It’s for those who are in desperate need for some dark, dirty, fast, brilliant old school hardcore punk with just a bit of modern edge presented somewhere at the very background. This amazing record comes with a huge album title implemented over the collage cover art, very popular between newer hardcore punk bands, but it’s doing it’s work properly, so if you’re into some aggressive music, grab this one.