Deck – Age Of Decay


Like a previous year, this one is also a good one for aggressive music if we’re generally speaking about whole hardcore punk scene. There’s a lot of good new releases that are craving for attention and Age Of Decay by Deck is one of them for sure, so if you’re into dark’n’abrasive hardcore punk, these guys from Nizhny Novogorod, Russia are right up your alley. There’s something special in those albums with eight or more tracks, packed in less than fifteen minutes and Age Of Decay is one of them. Guitar riffs are simple without any tendencies for a chord progressions, but yet effective for this type of genre. Bass is adding another level of fuzzy distortion over the top on most of the tracks off this album, but clean bass parts are also hearable throughout the album. Vocals are tearing the ears apart in a very positive way with a strong pressence of vibrato in vocal chords and I can’t currently think of any vocalist on a worldwide hardcore punk scene with such vocal technics, but it works fine for a band like Deck. What’s important to mention is a presence of amazing drumming which is filling rad riffs with punchy snare and constantly splashing cymbals on almost all the tracks. Age Of Decay is a well produced hardcore punk album which delivers brute force of distinctive hardcore punk style which is currently quite popular in USA and Europe, but Deck’s sound is much more crude without pretentious bullshit constantly flowing arround. Deck delivers their material with grimy artwork in dotwork style depicturing cromagnons and sabertooth tigers with moon rising above them and it really goes great with this type of music. I am currently not familiar with informations about a publisher of this material, but you can download it for free at Deck’s bandcamp page and treat your ears with some raw energy delivered by powerful russian hardcore punks.