Carnero – Potere Violenza EP


Italian hardcore punk scene have a special place in my heart and whoever is even slightly familiar with italian bands will admit that some of their acts played a pivotal role in shaping worldwide hardcore punk scene. Carnero are sorta newer act, formed back in 2013. and so far they’ve published couple of records such as Demo 2013, one sided Carnero 12” LP and one sided Assalto 12” LP. Potere Violenza is their latest effort and Carnero’s music can be best described as a brilliant mixure of powerviolence, grindcore, crust and hardcore punk. By taking the first shot with Potere Violenza, it’s more than obvious these men are not joking at all. Simply, Carnero are taking only the best from each genre and delivering it on the plate with much more rawness, aggression, speed and brutality. Riffs are tight, there are lot of metal influences here and there, but layers of distortion, drumming technique and the basic ideas hidden in their lyrics clearly proves Carnero are hardcore punk band. Vocals are spanning from screams and growls to much more cleaner yelling, which are well combined and ballanced on this material. Potere Violenza delivers six extremely contagious tunes packed in no more than eight minutes, so this one can be easily published as 7” record record, but until then you can satisfy your cravings for some italian hardcore punk at Carnero’s bandcamp page until the band decide to publish this fine piece of material on some plastic. Potere Violenza comes with a simple monochrome cover artwork, containing a photo of bombing sometime during WWII, which in my honest opinion, clearly depicts Carnero’s music in the best possible way. This material will be interesting to all the fans of newer hardcore punk music, because of the various styles involved at the same place, so give it a try and support the work of Carnero in any possible way.