Trash Room – Whiskey & Bad Decisions CD


Trash Room are punk rock quartet hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina consisted of both female and male band members who know how to properly play their instruments. Whiskey & Bad Decisions is their debut album which delivers more than plain punk rock has to offer. There’re a lot of genres involved in their music, ranging from drum rhythms characteristic for hardcore punk bands to progressions of metal music, distorted bass lines or fuzzy riffs recognizable in genres such as stoner rock or sludge metal and clean female vocals similiar to anarcho punk and goth rock bands of the eighties. It simply demonstrates that Trash Room are taking their influences to the next level by implementing them with the abrasive aggression of pure punk rock. The abnormal amount of the energy and rage in their music is present even with distinctive clean singing style over the top, the lyrics are hitting at the right spot throughout whole album, so you’ll be amazed by diversity of the themes Trash Room are covering as a band. Speaking of the music, Whiskey & Bad Decisions, intentionally or unintentionally, leaves dark atmosphere after listening and it’s forcing a listener to repeat the whole album over and over again. Whiskey & Bad Decisions has been published on a pro done shrink wrapped CD packed in a jewel case and it comes with well done monochrome cover artwork which contains photos of a band, lyrics and all the necessary informations you need to know about the band. A whole package is fitting to their dark approach to the punk rock music, so you’ll get a hint what’s band all about.