Shuvit – We Lost The War


There’s something catchy in a fast two minute skate punk tracks that keeps my attention for a while and if the album possess quality like We Lost The War by swedish melodic punk rockers Shuvit, then I will probably repeat whole record for a couple of times during the day or perhaps couple of weeks. We Lost The War is their second full lenght album and this time their sound is bringing back memories of music which was popular back at the beginings of a new millenium. The vocals are slightly distorted, but melodic enough to fit perfectly to guitar melodies while the rhythm section is killing it properly. What caught my attention the most is their perfect production. Both bass and guitars are almost at the same levels, but separated enough not to harm the harmonic structure of the album. Presence of diveristy among the tracks is astonishing. It seems like I am listening to a best of album compiled of a tunes from totally different albums, but on the other hand each track goes great with the rest of the material. Singalongs are amazing as well, even the rest of a band are great vocalists, so I am looking forward to hear more of them in the future. We Lost The War goes with a great cover art of the some character sitting on the dock while the city is burning across the river. If you’re a fan of occasionally fast skate punk tunes, then We Lost The War by Shuvit will be right up your alley.