Dead Rest – II EP


Dead Rest are back with another great EP simply titled II and as their previous S/T EP, they are delivering huge amounts of energy through three amazing tunes. Once again, this powerful punk rock trio from Chicago, Illinois are using their already proven formula of melodic mid tempo tracks mixed with slightly distorted vocals, cool singalongs smartly implemented in great verses and tight energetic drum sections. It seems like their music is expanding from one release to another, with more anger each time when they put out brand new material which proves that Dead Rest as a band are looking out how to impress their listeners by delivering constant diversity in their sound. From opening tunes such as Signals or blasting second track called Faces, to much more faster Gravestoned, which is by the way perfect pick for a last tune of this cool material, Dead Rest leave no room for breathing or any other kind of activity which considers much more effort than listening to this material. I can only assume how their debut LP will sound when they record it and with publishing tempo like this, I am pretty sure we will not wait for so long to hear it. This material is available for a free download on a Dead Rest bandcamp page and it comes with a minimalistic front cover art in a form of their recognizable band logo on a grungy grey background. Listen, download and enjoy in this short, but sweet release.