Butcher – Return To Nothingness


a0545690621_10After a departure of World Burns To Death, Jack Control made a pause with music activities until Butcher published more than good Holding Back The Night, debut album that shaked crust punk scene back in 2015. with their unpredictable mixure of straight forward crust punk, japcore and bits’n’pieces of catchy rock’n’roll. Butcher are back once again with Return To Nothingness, but this time their second LP brings much more direct homage to the Japan hardcore scene which is hearable after first beats of this record. Production and song structure reminded me of The Graveyard Of Utopia and Cease To Exist, brilliant albums by Austin’s finest World Burns To Death, but once again Butcher have their own approach to the sound with Jack’s blistering vocals being the only recognizable element of records I mention above. After all, Butcher consists of veterans of the DIY hardcore punk scene who have also played in bands such as Severed Head Of State, Forward, Gudon plus many many more, so there’re no rooms left for mistakes since these guys are playing mind blowing music and they are currently expanding hardcore punk genre in a form never heard before. Cover art is done in the same style as cover for Holding Back The Night and that’s the other thing that reminded me of Cease To Exist LP by World Burns To Death, so it’s cool Butcher are holding to the exact art form for their records. Don’t miss the chance to grab this astonishing LP and hear how japcore records should sound in 2018.