Swaktang – The Woebegone Tale Of A Procrastinating Sociopath CD (Moose Records)


United Kingdom has been a hot spot for good punk rock bands for decades and it still is with tons of newer bands who are following legacy of a much older punk bands. Swaktang are another great example how punk rock can still sound fresh in 2018. Their debut album The Woebegone Tale Of A Procrastinating Sociopath delivers loads of songs separated in nine chapters. This amazing trio is bringing up raw energy of 90s punk rock in a form of four chord riffs, but with a lot better production mainly focused on a rhythm section. All the instruments are hearable equally on each track, but Swaktang are not losing their energy as the album goes by. It seems that band also takes influences from much more older bands who played this genre in the 70s, but on the other hand their music is deeply rooted in the 90s. Forget the fact the whole album is comprised of mid tempo tracks, Swaktang will amaze you with their comprehensive collection of both UK and US schools of punk rock riffage in less than half of an hour. The Woebegone Tale Of A Procrastinating Sociopath comes in a cool cardboard package with pro done compact disc and colourful abstract cover art. One more reason to grab one copy for yourself or your friend who love good old plain punk rock played right as it should be played.