Hillview – The Law Of Average CD (Morning Wood Records)


Hillview is a new band consisting of veterans of LA punk rock scene and The Law Of Average is their debut album published by Morning Wood, punk rock record label from Netherlands. The band features Union 13 guitarist Eddie Carasco on guitar and vocals, Edgar Jaramilo of Union 13 on bass studio recordings, Chris Del Rio of Ten Foot Pole on live bass duties and David Marin on drums. The Age Of Average is comrpised of twelve fast, melodic punk rock songs ranging from classic skate punk style of the ninetees to the hardcore punk oftenly played at the begining of a new century. Tracks are intentionally made to slap you directly in the face, the riffs are so good you’ll probably have hard time to pick up your favorite song and alongside good vocals od Eddie Carasco, a lot of verses are decorated with singalongs which are perfectly blended into almost all the tracks. It’s a great material played by veterans of Los Angeles punk rock scene, composed until each track sound as perfection and professionaly polished with good production to sound like every skate punk recording should sound in 2018. The Law Of Average is available on CD by Morning Wood and it comes with a rad artwork of totally demolished skate park. Pick it up if you’re fan of fast, melodic and well played skate punk.