Redbait – Red Tape


Damn! It’s been a while since I’ve heard band like this and oh how I’ve missed those days. Redbait are politically charged anarcho / crust punk from Sent Louis, Missouri and their music is bringing back memories of a cool US anarcho scene of the 90s. Everything’s here, subversive lyrics, both female / male vocals, amazing riffs and a lot’s of aggression. Their music instantly reminded me of some amazing bands such as Witch Hunt, Contravene or maybe less metallic version of Nausea, but with dirtier production and maybe more aggressive approach to the genre. Vocals are full of rage, just as they should be while music possess all the great elements of anarcho and crust punk subgenres. Lyrics are expressing pure hatred towards patriarchy, domestic violence, fascist police state and I guess this is how Emma Goldman would sound if she ever wanted to start a punk band. The tunes are speaking out loud about the importance of women’s rights in 21st century and to be honest we need more bands like these to spread out the word about injustice in the corrupted system. Both female and male vocals are just adding more energy as they are playing a key role in the band, plus with lyrics like these you simply have to think about all the themes they’ve used in their tunes. Red Tape is obviously available on the red tape with a cool monochrome artwork depicting two female activists patroling the neighborhood with a fence cutters. Amazing!