The Lizards – Moonstone CD


Moonstone is a third album by The Lizards, powerful trio from Adelaide, Australia. There’s a lot of things going on on this material since The Lizards have taken various influences from hardcore punk bands from the 80s and blend’em with skate punk bands from the 90s, plus they’ve added their unique approach to both subgenres. The sound ranges from Circle Jerks punching Good Riddance right in the face while Minor Threat are bashing Pennywise in the ring while the Suicidal Tendencies are playing solos in the background, but with modern twist as the album goes on and on. Moonstone is definetly uncomparable with other albums on the current skate punk scene and each tune have a different musical structure, so you might hear some other influences on The Lizards while listening to this distinctive material. Tracks like Mountains, Valleys, Seas; It’s Your Choice; Your 2 Cents; New Sound; Moonstone; Yawn and Medicate Me are just some of the highlights off this great skate punk album and there’s a plenty more. The Lizards obviously possess some skills and know how to compose great tracks, so give it a listen, purchase an album and support this great australian skate punk trio.