The Racketees – Withdure 7”


So, here we have a brand new 7” release by The Racketees, punk rock band from Lawrence, Kansas. They play straightforward melodic punk rock with a lot of jump ins into skate punk and occasionally they add some hardcore punk flavor to it. Crucifix is a first tune off this material and it opens up with cool guitar progression covered with a delay effect, but immidiately after that The Racketess offer fast skate punk track with awesome riffs and octave fills. Next one is Like A Brother, mid tempo track which reminds me of a lot of Fat Wreck catalog back in the 90s, something between Tilt and Frenzal Rhomb used or still use to do. Whoever dig bands like those, will dig this one.  Night Desk is the third song off Withdure 7” and once again it’s a mid tempo tune in a same vein as a previous one, but with much more palm muted choruses and more melodic verses while the vocals are almost on the same levels as on the previous tracks. Last, but not least, The Racketees offer The Wreck of F. Scott Fitzgerald which almost start as a ballad, but it continues in mid tempo after a cool intro. It’s amazing how the band balances between modern pop punk, good old plain punk rock, but still have more than enough space to add some skate punk progressions into their music. You should definetly check out The Racketees if you’re into some 90’s Fat Wreck catalog, but with a modern twist and a lot better production. Withdure 7” is available on a blue colored vinyl straight from the band, so grab your own if your a fan of melodic pop punk music.