Extinction Of Mankind – Storm Of Resentment LP (Agipunk Records)


Extinction Of Mankind are back with another great album called Storm Of Resentment and once again they have created a monster from bits and pieces of metal, hardcore, punk and delivered a good stenchcore record. The band itself never forgot their roots, so the classic sound is still there, but with better production, pissed off vocals and pretty good arrangements on each track. It seems like Extinction Of Mankind have incorporated metal much more into their music, especially double bass drum beats and breaks characteristic for speed / thrash metal bands, but d-beat and anarcho punk roots are still present in their music. Storm Of Resentment LP delivers dark atmosphere and leaves emptiness behind after listening, while the music is intentionally aggressive and loud as hell. Whoever listened to their previous records probably knows that their version of crust punk is much more than just a bleak version of crust punk. This band have their roots deep down into anarcho punk movement, so their lyrics are still politically charged and Extinction Of Mankind still have a lot of things to say about current world events. Storm Of Resentment LP is available on a black vinyl in quantities of 900 copies while there’s a small edition of purple / black saw shaped records pressed in small quantities of 100 copies. I am not aware of how much more of these are left, but make sure to check out Agipunk Records for more informations about this fine piece of plastic.