Swingin’ Utters – Peace And Love LP (Fat Wreck Chords)


Judging by the album title, everyone would expect some hippie shit from a well known San Francisco punks, but luckily that’s not the case. Even a cover art is ultimatively wierd knowing the history of this band, so don’t judge a book by it’s cover, cuz it will fool you! Once again, Swingin’ Utters are delivering a great material, full of fifteen politically charged tunes, same old streetpunk songs with a bit folky spice added from time to time, just to give some taste to it. Tracks like Undertaker, Undertake; Louise And Her Spider; E.C.T; Constant Companion; Deranged; Seeds Of Satisfaction; Drinkist are some of the of good examples that Swingin’ Utters still have a lot to say after loads of albums, singles, EPs and live recordings. Their production is continuously almost the same, so maybe you’ll have a feeling you’re listening some of their previous works, but these songs are sounding so fresh thanks to a lot of catchy arangments the band have impemented on this album. Also it’s always cool to hear guest appearances of various musicians and judging by the sound I guess there’s a lot of them on Love And Peace, proving that Swingin’ Utters are continuously musically evolving as a band and that their taste in music is expanding as the years go by. Swingin’ Utters blend sounds of UK and US scenes into one perfect form and I can’t remember there’s a band who do it any better than them.