Authority Zero – Persona Non Grata LP


Authority Zero are back with another banger. Band started in Mesa, Arizona back in 1994. and became popular among punk rockers for it’s distinctive mixure of reggae / ska sound with classic skate punk, but some of their works also have a great hardcore punk vibe. The band regularly tours North America, Europe and Japan. They have released six albums to date and two DVDs and Persona Non Grata offers much more melodic explorations into comprehensive space of punk rock music. This album is perhaps their most solid proof of what Authority Zero as a band are capable of by offering enormous amount of brilliant well played tracks at one place. Each track possess it’s own unique energy and vibe, like they’re not part of a same album, but on the other hand, they fit perfectly all together. Jason DeVore is only constant member since their formation and it seems his vocals doesn’t age at all. In matter of a fact he’s getting better and better every time Authority Zero publishes an album and his vocals are notable on the verses where he’s showing his range of vocal skills the most. Of course, the rest of the band are tearing walls apart with their musical abilities and the presence of Spanish / Portugese elements and reggae / ska segments in couple of tracks are beyond comprehension. Their sense for melodies are remarkable during the whole album, they know how to show them off in each tune, so the listening experience is more than satisfying each time when you spin this record on your turntable. Persona Non Grata LP is available through various record labels if you fancy vinyls or on all streaming services across the web, so give this album a shot and enjoy in a good punk rock record.