Dömesticrust – Another Reality Another Fears


There are a lot of things going on in Southeast Asia in a past two decades, especially if you’re fan of subgenres that emerged in the UK in the middle of the eighties. Bands from that particular part of Asia are mostly good at it, no matter if we are speaking about plain d-beat, crust or hardcore punk. Dömesticrust are relatively a new name on the Indonesian scene and their mixure of classic d-beat and not so melodic neo crust are perfect combination for all the lunatics who grew up listening to bands like Discharge, Doom, Deathreat, Uncurbed or perhaps older recordings by Tragedy. Production is intentonally dirty and raw, but comparable with most newer recordings of much more famous bands of the same genre. Perhaps it’s mostly comparable with a production of newer Swedish crust punk recordings. Dömesticrust are covering exact the same themes like all the other d-beat/crust punk bands, so their lyrics are covering common socio-political themes with more post-apocalyptic twist and beside standard lyrics written in basic English, part of the of lyrics is written in their native Malayan language. Another Reality, Another Fears LP can easily pair with a lot well known albums by much bigger names on the scene and it’s available as a digital download for 7$ at bands bandcamp page, so please support this young band if you’re fan of good old d-beat / crust earslaughter, but with a better production than most of the bands who are sharing the same genre.