Deviated Instinct – Husk EP


Norwich legends are back with another great release. Deviated Instinct were formed back in the 1984. and were crucial pioneering band among punk and metal scenes in the UK. Their music shaped crust punk as a genre along with Amebix, Antisect, Hellbastard and influenced tons of great bands who still play crust punk and other similiar genres.  Husk 12” is their even darker, metallish brand new EP with still enough punk in it’s brand new form. Vocals will bring shivers down your spine, while slow and devastating guitar melodies and riffs will press your head down to the ground, along with distorted bass lines and perfectly produced drums. The material is recorded by Bri Doom in 1in12 studio and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege studio, but this is nowhere near the Doom recordings we all use to listen during the years. Husk EP is brilliantly produced and in my honest opinion Deviated Instinct recordings never sounded this good before. Speaking of sound, Deviant Instinct are holding to their formula. Great music from the crust punk veterans in slightly polished form, but still with that characteristic memorable dirty sounding instruments of the eighties. Husk EP comes with an astonishing full color cover artwork by Bonehive Designs, it’s even hard to express how beautiful it is. Pressed to 300 copies on 180 gram vinyl at 45rpm, so expect a blasting sound quality. You can grab this beauty directly from band’s bandcamp and enjoy in some quality crust punk music.