Trendy Five – Out Of The Shadows CD


To be fair, I was not familiar with music of Trendy Five until I’ve heard Out Of The Shadows. It took twenty years for a band to gather and publish a brand new material, but it totally worth waiting. Out Of The Shadows demonstrates how band members have emerged into skillful musicians during a long time period and improved their music in much more complex form. Their tunes are still influenced by the skateboarding culture and punk rock music from the ninetees, but with much more guitar progressions, palm muted choruses, wonderful melodic verses, great bass scales and killer drumming skills. Trendy Five are not just holding themselves to punk rock music, so there’s a strong pressence of other musical techniques commonly used among metal or hardcore bands, but still Out Of The Shadows sounds as a great melodic skate punk album polished with great production characteristic for a second decade of a new millenium. What decorates this album the most are guest vocal appearances by Olivier Gagnon on Disgrace, Aaron Goulding of Pridebowl on Murder Of Crows, Vince Fournier of Our Darkest Days on Out Of The Shadows, Alys Lescop on Like Kings, plus many many more as a choir at the same tune. Out Of The Shadows comes with great illustration of a scarecrow coming out off the stage and the whole material is packed as digipack release with pro done CD. Trendy Five took their job seriously and payed attention on even the smallest details, so Out Of The Shadows can outshine any other skate punk record at the end of a 2018. What a perfect end of a year!