RHEIN - Open Dak

RHEIN – Open Dak

RHEIN - Open Dak

We have some more excellent music for your listening pleasure. Open Dak is a debut single by RHEIN, a Dutch-based trio that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of complex dream pop sound. It’s one of those outstanding debuts that will immediately grab your attention due to the luxurious amount of brilliant ideas involved in a singular composition. Still, Open Dak offers more than regular dream pop sonic maneuvers. Perhaps RHEIN explores the fundamentals of this particular genre, but the band also incorporated some of the finest elements borrowed from many other complementary styles, such as synth wave, synth-pop, indie rock, alternative, ambient, etc. Their ability to shape all these genres to their likening goes beyond comprehension so many times throughout the song, and you’ll also notice how they used these additions as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that uplift their debut on an entirely new level.


Open Dak offers so many impressive ideas and sonic maneuvers in one place, so all those consumers who pay sole attention while listening to this debut will have more than a pleasant listening experience. RHEIN fully stacked their song with immensely catchy synth leads, complex electronic sequences, ear-appealing ambiances, cleverly assembled chord progressions, semi-distorted riffs, synth-a-like basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences based upon detailed beats, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The lead vocal harmonies remain calm throughout the entire composition, but the music gradually becomes more complex and powerful. Still, Open Dak remains in a soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic dream pop and indie rock waters as much as possible, and it’s one of those numbers that will undoubtedly appeal to those listeners who look for a more shoegazey, reverby, echoic atmosphere decorated with impressive, detailed, flawlessly executed orchestrations. RHEIN entirely nailed with their debut single, and you should check it out as soon as possible if you’re profoundly into dream pop music. The single is available on all streaming services.





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