Nick & June - Beach Baby, Baby

Nick & June – Beach Baby, Baby 12″ EP

Nick & June - Beach Baby, Baby

After two critically acclaimed full-length albums, such as Flavor & Sin and My November My, and outstanding singles like Homesick Blues, Home Is Where The Heart Hurts, Once In A Life, Anything But Time, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Lip Sync To Love Songs, Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley), and Hugh Grant & His Consequence, Nuremberg-based duo Nick & June returns with an exceptional EP release that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of indie pop. With a great admiration towards French New Wave cinema, you can expect a collection of songs for those moments when you need calm, relaxing, soothing, nearly cathartic compositions where their outstanding vocal performance dominate over flawlessly executed orchestrations.

Beach Baby, Baby carries seven mesmerizing compositions, of whom five are their latest works, and a couple of covers, like Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley and Starman by David Bowie. These profoundly creative and immensely experienced musicians fully stacked their compositions with some of the best indie and cinematic pop sonic maneuvers you’ll hear nowadays. Perhaps their music almost solely explores the fundamentals of indie pop, but there are particular ways they assembled these songs. You’ll notice how each number continuously levitates between retro and contemporary indie pop maneuvers while simultaneously implementing some of the best cinematic pop, noir pop, classic pop, new wave, and minimal orchestrations into every possible segment. Maybe their music will resonate with sheer minimalism to some inexperienced ears. However, if you pay attention and dig under the surface, you’ll notice that Nick & June stacked layer upon layer of jaw-dropping instrumentations.

Of course, there are moments when Nick & June almost solely rely upon their vocal abilities and ear-appealing piano melodies, but the majority of Beach Baby, Baby shines with structured downtempo rhythmic sequences, equally detailed low-end notes, excellent leads, catchy chord progressions, and cathartic ambiances. All these orchestrations shape this material, which will unquestionably appeal to your listening apparatus if you’re into magnificent indie pop music. Their original compositions unquestionably resonate with intimate and delicate sound where sincere, confident, and skillful vocal and musical performance builds the listener’s interest to dive even deeper into the cathartic ambiance and spin this vinyl over again. The Presley and Bowie cover songs sound outstanding too, and Nick & June paid a lot of attention while paying homage to the greats. The entire Beach Baby, Baby is one of those recordings you should check out as soon as possible because this very talented duo demands your utmost attention. Beach Baby, Baby comes on blue vinyl accompanied with beautiful monochrome photography inspired by the 50s and 60s French noir movies. The EP is also available on CD and streaming services, so there are many options to enjoy their beautiful music. Head over to Nick & June’s website for more information about ordering.





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