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Lilac Kings Released New Single & Video “Sick Set Bro”

Lilac Kings

Lilac Kings, the indie emo band known for their dynamic and introspective sound, has just released their latest single, “Sick Set Bro” featuring Daisy Chamberlin of I Met A Yeti. This new track draws inspiration from the struggles that bands and creatives face in the competitive nature of the music industry.

“‘Sick Set Bro’ is a song about the battles of the scene.” Vocalist Dylan McBride explains, “Dealing with the ugly side of things from other bands or people that want to cut you down and see your journey end. And if you’re in a band or even any creative community, you’ve definitely met these people.”

He continues, “They hit you with the ‘sick set bro’ after you play your show, or say ‘nice’ things to you or about your art, then say negative things or help spread a rumor behind your back. The chorus shifts to more of a rallying cry with friends and other creatives who have faced similar issues as a result of this ‘competitive’ nature. “

In addition to their powerful lyrics, Lilac Kings have also included a sample of dialogue between Jean Luc Picard and Wesley Crusher of Star Trek. Dylan adds, “A bit which helped me through a lot of the feelings I’ve felt as a result of situations like these. ‘The only person you’re truly competing against, Wesley, is yourself. You have to measure your successes and your failures within. Not by anything that I or anyone else might think.’”  The sample is a reminder to focus on personal growth and not let external factors hinder one’s creative journey. 

Lilac Kings is a three piece post-hardcore/indie/emo band with a dynamic high and low vocal range layered with ambience, atmosphere and large musical sections. The band has continued to experiment with their sound as they evolve, mature and develop as people and musicians. Looking forward to their upcoming releases, they say their new material consists of more instrumental variety, has darker and more complex lyrical concepts and music soundscapes. 

The new single, “Sick Set Bro”, is now available on all major streaming platforms. For more information on Lilac Kings and their upcoming releases, visit their website HERE.





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