Harmony Dreamers - Spinning Round The Sun: Connected / Loving The Sun

Harmony Dreamers – Spinning Round The Sun: Connected / Loving The Sun

Harmony Dreamers - Spinning Around The Sun: Connected / Loving The Sun

In 2022, Fort Collins-based artist Harmony Dreamers unleashed three installments of Spinning Round The Sun, called Connected, Loving The Sun, and Solar Rays. It’s a beautiful piece of sonic artistry that will unquestionably appeal to anyone who loves mesmerizing music decorated with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. I will talk about Connected and Loving The Sun today. These compositions bring various styles to the table, but don’t let this information fool you. Perhaps Harmony Dreamers embrace many different and complementary music genres, but these are perfectly balanced compositions where every element complements the primary sonic direction. Maybe art rock comes to mind first, but you’ll notice how progressive rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, avant-garde, ambient, and experimental music inspired this highly creative artist to assemble such divine pieces.

Harmony Dreamers
Byron Lee Scott of Harmony Dreamers

As soon as you press play, you’ll hear a mesmerizing ambiance achieved through moderate rhythmic sequences, arpeggiated synth melodies, catchy chord progressions, and flawlessly performed vocal lines. You’ll also notice how every segment carries profoundly detailed orchestrations that immediately resemble something progressive, psychedelic, and art-rock bands would eventually record. However, many synthwave sonic maneuvers are equally responsible for such a luxurious atmosphere that pervades your listening apparatus from all possible directions. Harmony Dreamers cleverly separated these two tracks with outstanding vocal lines, and the track becomes even more calm, complex, ambient, and psychedelic. Loving The Sun is all about these vocal segments that perfectly match catchy guitar licks, synth leads, chord progressions, and more drumming acrobatics. The artist thought about everything while assembling these two installments, and you’ll solely enjoy them from scratch to finish. Spinning Round The Sun: Connected / Loving The Sun is available on all streaming platforms as a part of I Come From Earth, a divine full-length album full of catchy, progressive, psychedelic songs. Don’t miss it.





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