Ray Van D and Philippe M - What Mothers Do

Ray Van D And Philippe M – What Mothers Do

Ray Van D and Philippe M - What Mothers Do

Ray Van D and Philippe M have teamed up for Burning Bridges, an upcoming collaborative full-length album that resulted in several standalone singles. What Mothers Do is their third single so far that showcases their admiration towards indie rock sound but also carries some elements of other music genres. This song represents an ode to all the mothers, written by these experienced musicians in celebration of Mother’s Day. Soundwise, perhaps Ray Van D and Philippe M almost entirely base their sound upon the fundamentals of indie rock, but you’ll hear how alternative, classic rock and soft rock inspired them to write such a mesmerizing number. These additional ingredients serve more as necessary enhancements, while indie rock remains their primary sonic direction.

Ray Van D and Philippe M

It’s mindblowing how these two skillful artists articulate throughout the entire composition. You’ll notice that What Mothers Do shines with catchy chord progressions performed on acoustic guitar, while the moderate rhythmic sequences keep up the pace and hold the remainder of the orchestrations in line. However, the chorus introduces semi-distorted riffs, which are carefully implemented without spoiling the calmness of the song. You’ll also hear powerful ambiance, keyboard leads, and warm-sounding basslines, which give What Mothers Do a bit more power, detail, and catchiness. Besides all these orchestrations, it’s good to mention the flawlessly performed vocal harmonies provided by both artists. Their singing technics perfectly match together, and you’ll especially notice that during the choruses. There’s no doubt this song will immediately grab your attention if you’re into calm, soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic indie rock music. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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