Lynx - Lynx LP + Human Speech 12" - Cmptr Stdnts

Lynx – Lynx LP + Human Speech 12″ (Cmptr Stdnts)

Lynx - Lynx LP + Human Speech 12" - Cmptr Stdnts

If you had a chance to witness a math-rock scene back in the late nineties, you probably know it was not a popular genre among the scenesters. Music genres like hardcore, metalcore, skate punk, pop punk, alternative, emo, and indie reigned supreme, and you could only stumble upon a couple of bands pushing the math-rock story back then. Of course, that doesn’t mean this obscure music genre sucked. Quite the contrary, it was so innovative, progressive, and unique that many listeners were mostly terrified of its unpredictableness. Later on, at the beginning of the millennium, math rock blossomed with so many acts doing their best to deliver premium sonic assault. However, it seemed that the bands who initially started the entire movement remained the true pioneers who probably sounded the best among them all.

Lynx was one of those bands who played this genre at a time when many considered it as pure nonsense. However, these folks knew what they were doing, and their self-titled full-length debut album was solid proof of how they inspired many bands in the following years. With nine exceptional instrumental math-rock songs, Lynx knew their music would achieve the heaviest impact if they excluded the lead vocals. That way, all the listeners could dive deep into some of the best progressive music recorded in the late nineties, far away from pretentious, repetitious, heavy hardcore riffs, enormously energetic beats, and odd aggression that led nowhere. You’ll notice many similarities with some of the best post-hardcore, noise rock, proto-grunge, art rock, emo, and indie sonic maneuvers, and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. Lynx incorporated some of the finest properties of these music genres while assembling these compositions, so their debut could be right up the alley of even the pickiest listeners.

It’s also nearly mindblowing how raw, abrasive, and crude but simultaneously calm, soothing, and relaxing some of these songs are, considering the beforementioned sonic ingredients. These folks spent a considerable amount of time assembling each segment of every song, and you’ll notice how everything seems simultaneously organized but unpredictable. They structured each track, so it gradually transits from ear-appealing soundscapes to profoundly dynamic, aggressive, dissonant improvisations where all the instruments burst with sheer power. Also, you’ll hear how every number carries almost a jazzy ambiance due to many progressive improvisations. It’s strange how many renowned bands in the genre ripped off/borrowed some of the licks, scales, virtuosities, or entire segments from this particular material. Therefore, this self-titled full-length material was probably a guideline for many upcoming math rock releases at the time.

Plus, this reissued album comes with Human Speech, a bonus 12″ EP consisting of three previously unreleased songs recorded in 2021 by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets studio. Even these three songs are worth purchasing this expanded edition. These folks sound even better nowadays. The full-length plays at 33rpm, while the Human Speech 12″ EP runs at 45rpm. As usual, Cmptr Stdnts put a lot of effort into this release, and you can expect high-quality cardboard sleeves packed in sealed aluminum packaging. It’s good to mention that the expanded Lynx LP also comes with a giant poster and band member photos on the inner sleeves. Therefore, this release will represent an audio-visual treat for all vinyl collectors. Head to Cmptr Stdnts for more information about ordering.





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