Blindness & Light - The Old Skylight

Blindness & Light – The Old Skylight

Blindness & Light - The Old Skylight

We have more beautiful music for your listening pleasure. Blindness & Light isn’t a stranger to these pages. Quite the contrary, I had a chance to write an article about The Ballad Of Them And Us, a mesmerizing number cleverly arranged to satisfy even the pickiest listeners. If you stumbled upon that review, you already know that Blindness & Light incorporates only the best elements of post-punk sound. However, the latest single indicates this highly experienced artist is also into many other complementary music genres.

The Old Skylight is the sixth composition from a series of singles that announce the upcoming debut, due for release on 1st July. Like on his previous works, Blindness & Light experiments with various eras of post-punk sound, but The Old Skylight showcases a luxurious ambiance achieved by merging several music genres into a fine piece of sonic artistry. You’ll notice how the eighties indie rock, new wave, and nineties alternative found their way into this song, which sounds divine by all means. Of course, the artist thoroughly thought about everything while writing, composing, and producing The Old Skylight, so this track is well-balanced from scratch to finish. The only thing that differs is the approach to sound production and mastering because Blindness & Light used several modern technics to achieve the dynamic range.

This number stands out from other contemporary post-punk songs due to the entire palette of instruments integrated into it. Besides the traditional formation consisting of drums, bass, and guitars, you may notice the brass section. This addition contributes to an already luxurious ambiance achieved by the continuous dualities between acoustic and electric guitars. You’ll hear how clean chord progressions perfectly suit generously distorted riffs while the trumpets serve catchy leads and themes. These three instruments shine throughout the composition, but let’s not forget the rhythm section. Blindness & Light implemented warm-sounding basslines right beneath all the beforementioned layers of sound, but you’ll still hear how low-end tones decorate this track. Of course, detailed rhythmic sequences hold the remainder of the orchestrations in line, but also keep The Old Skylight groovy and dynamic. This single will spark your interest in Blindness & Light and force you to revisit previous works by this profoundly creative artist. You can listen to The Old Skylight on all streaming platforms.





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