Flo LeBeau - Dealing Successfully With Fears And Worries

Flo LeBeau – Dealing Successfully With Fears And Worries CD EP

Flo LeBeau - Dealing Successfully With Fears And Worries

Recently I had a chance to chat with Flo LeBeau about some new music, but I never suspected he would send me his new EP for a review. Therefore, this CD came to my doorstep as a surprise about a week ago and now is more than the appropriate time to write something about it. Dealing Successfully With Fears And Worries is a debut EP by this Swiss singer-songwriter that bursts with four exceptional compositions. It’s one of those recordings that will unquestionably appeal to all indie and acoustic music fans. It’s also good to mention that he published Small Fish and Bridges, two divine singles that later appeared on his debut.

Dealing Successfully With Fears And Worries is a collection of four exceptional indie compositions empowered by the elements borrowed from other music genres like melodic punk rock, alternative, emo, and indie folk. Of course, these complementary music styles perfectly match this sonic equation, so you’ll indulge your listening apparatus by delving deep into this excellent debut. Flo LeBeau knows how to write, compose, record, and produce perfect acoustic indie songs, where meaningful, sincere, personal, but also socio-politic lyric content collides with flawlessly arranged chord progressions, melodies, themes, lead vocal harmonies, back vocals, and singalongs. It’s a stripped-down material with just a couple of channels of acoustic guitars and vocals recorded. Still, Flo LeBeau did it with a lot of style, so you won’t need any additional instruments while listening to these numbers.

You’ll also notice how LeBeau incorporated a solid punk rock base into some of his songs. Of course, these are indie numbers suitable for any mood, situation, occasion, or event, but if you pay close attention while listening, all these songs could pass as excellent melodic punk rock songs if Flo incorporated some distortion and rhythm section. It’s a win-win situation where he can switch these arrangements and develop these numbers into full punk rock songs with such ease anytime if he wants, but they also sound divine like this as well. Anyways, there’s no doubt Flo LeBeau nailed his debut EP, and you should check it out as soon as possible if you’re into acoustic indie music. The EP is available on his Bandcamp page. Don’t miss it.





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