Public Serpent - The Bully Puppet CD - SBÄM

Public Serpents – The Bully Puppet CD (SBÄM)

Public Serpent - The Bully Puppet CD - SBÄM

Here’s another recent release from an SBÄM workshop that represents such a treat for all the fans of abrasive, in-your-face ska punk sound. Public Serpents emerged on the scene around 2008 when they published The Feeding Of The Fortune 5000, an excellent debut full-length release worth revisiting all the time. Fast forward to 2022, the band toured with legendary The Suicide Machines, Escape From The Zoo, and Catbite, which also resulted in sharing a split release with Escape From The Zoo. They published The Bully Puppet on LP/CD/digital via SBÄM recently, another exceptional material that will be right up your alley if you’re into the bands such as Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, No Cash, INDK, and other similar groups who merged politically charged lyrics and cheerful ska melodies with brutal punk rock aggression.

The Bully Puppet carries thirteen energetic compositions entirely performed in that familiar dirty ska punk manner. Public Serpents continuously travel between all the waves of ska, reggae, and rocksteady music without losing balance and consistency. All these elements of Jamaican music perfectly suit their raw, abrasive, fuzzy, dirty mixture of classic melodic punk rock, crust punk, and hardcore. The band handles all these punk rock subgenres with ease, and you’ll notice how every composition consists of a perfect structure based upon many segments, verses, pre-choruses, and choruses. It’s nearly mindblowing how everything sounds so catchy, addictive, dynamic, and danceable. The Bully Puppet base their tracks upon choppy chord progressions that transform into powerful distorted riffs in a matter of seconds, while the warm-sounding, enormously complex basslines provide more than necessary heaviness, density, and clarity to the guitars. The exceptional drumming performance bursts with jaw-dropping rhythmic sequences, various accentuations, enhancements, breaks, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics that define some of the best ska music. Of course, Skwert’s (Choking Victim) vocals uplift everything on an entirely new level, and you’ll notice how his profoundly abrasive singing technics perfectly apply over extremely aggressive orchestrations. Don’t miss The Bully Puppet because this full-length album carries some of the most exciting ska punk music you’ll hear in a long time. Head to SBÄM for more information about ordering this gem.





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