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Trophy Eyes Drop Video For “What Hurts The Most”

Trophy Eyes

Welcome to a new era of Trophy Eyes. The Australian punk rockers have announced their newest studio album, “Suicide and Sunshine” (Out June 23) in tandem with a brand new track. “What Hurts The Most” arrived on April 12 and is a haunting song about pain, loss, and learning to say goodbye to relationships you’ve outgrown. The lyrics (as always) were Inspired by Trophy Eyes’ frontman JohnFloreani’s personal experiences, and are a vulnerable peek inside his life. The track received the video treatment as well which fans can watch HERE

Trophy Eyes’ John Floreani shares of the new single: “I moved to Newcastle, Australia in my early 20’s. My best friend and I had made a plan together in pursuit of happiness, and for some reason, to us, it all started there. He’d always struggled between the pressure of conventional life and risking all for the unattainable, and I’d always flourished in chaos. Like it does, time marched on. I joined Trophy Eyes and he dedicated his time to house deposits and long term relationships. Trophy Eyes quickly consumed my life, taking my degree, relationships, friendships, jobs and homes – even the honor of best man. I found less and less time for motivational speeches, and even when I could, it was always met by a void of negativity. I gave up on him. Our friendship soured at the idea of what I’d sacrificed for my dream and how I’d neglected his. During a tour of Europe, he crossed a line back home, and I never saw him again”.

Trophy Eyes leads a new wave in rock music, blending their punk and hardcore roots with modern rock and pop sensibilities. Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, the 4 piece continue to edge away their own path selling out shows across the globe. Known for their brutally honest and emotional storytelling and lyricism combined with one of the most energetic live shows you can find, Trophy Eyes is set to take over. 





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