Drunken Logic - Rounding Up

Drunken Logic – Rounding Up

Drunken Logic - Rounding Up

Los Angeles-based artist Drunken Logic recently released a new song called Rounding Up. It’s a second single this year that comes as a perfect follow-up to Ten Years’ Time, the track this profoundly creative singer-songwriter unleashed earlier in 2023. This composition questions dating in these modern times, when many obstacles spoil normal relationships between people. Soundwise, Drunken Logic explores this theme by delving deep into the foundations of contemporary pop-punk, but the artist included many other complementary music genres along the way. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the finest properties borrowed from the music genres like indie rock, alternative rock, or nineties rock. The song structure handles all these elements pretty well, and you’ll notice how these additions serve as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that define only the best pop-punk tracks.

Rounding Up commences with detailed beats, perfectly accentuated by the crispy hi-hat. The arpeggiated chord progressions are such a great addition to this overture, and you’ll notice how they lead the way with the equally detailed low-end tones. Suddenly, Rounding Up becomes even more complex when regular chord progressions and riffs kick in. It’s a logical extension of a longevous verse that guides your listening apparatus to an ear-appealing, catchy, energetic chorus. Drunken Logic also added adequate leads right before the chorus, which is an excellent addition to this sonic equation. Palm-muted riffs spice things up even more during the second verse, and it’s nearly mindblowing how these small details enhance Rounding Up on an entirely new level. It’s more than hearable that Drunken Logic knows how to write, compose, record, and produce meaningful indie/pop-punk compositions full of many sonic delicacies.This song is more than solid proof of it. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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