Solar Parachute - What Should I Do

Solar Parachute – What Should I Do

Solar Parachute - What Should I Do

London-based artist Solar Parachute recently released What Should I Do, a thirds single from the Among The Clouds EP. Besides being such a great representative of Solar Parachute‘s creativity, What Should I Do also gives a sneak peek into what listeners might expect from the remainder of the EP. Soundwise, the artist explores the fundamentals of contemporary indie rock but also incorporates some of the finest properties borrowed from other music genres. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon alternative rock, hard rock, and grunge. These enhancements unquestionably help out Solar Parachute to shape such a powerful, energetic, luxurious sound that will immediately grab your attention.

Solar Parachute

As soon as you press play, you’ll realize the brilliance of this creative individual. The profoundly detailed song structure showcases many exceptional orchestrations composed and recorded to perfection. Solar Parachute knows how to keep his orchestrations calm during the verses, and you’ll also notice how things get even calmer on the pre-choruses. However, all the instruments burst with sheer power, heaviness, and dynamics at the catchy choruses. The guitars, bass, and drums shine bright in the mix, but the lead vocal harmonies remain the centerpiece of this song from scratch to finish. Solar Parachute thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver and rhythmic acrobatics, so you’ll love all the chord progressions, basslines, and beats incorporated into What Should I Do. You’ll notice how the artist continuously levitates between alternative, grunge, and hard rock, but What Should I Do remains loyal to the primary sonic direction based upon contemporary indie rock music. Solar Parachute nailed it with this track, which will instantly convince you to check out the entire EP. The single and EP are available on all streaming services.





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