Hello London - At The End Of The World EP

Hello London – At The End Of The World EP

Hello London - At The End Of The World EP

Yesterday you had a chance to read a review of Past Futures, a debut full-length album by Buffalo-based indie solo project Hello London. If you paid close attention, you probably noticed that Hello London blends several complementary music genres in order to illustrate bright, luxurious, cathartic sonic imagery. I will talk about another release by this profoundly creative artist. At The End Of The World is an extended play that came out about a year before the beforementioned full-length album. Besides all streaming services, you can find this EP on Bandcamp or any other similar streaming service, or on a vinyl record. This fine piece of plastic comes housed in a high-quality cardboard sleeve decorated with an illustration that resembles an olive tree branch, while the release title and artist name decorate the bottom right corner of the front cover. You’ll also find the tracklist and short info about the recording at the bottom. The black vinyl record comes housed in a protective paper sleeve, so you don’t need to worry that your copy will arrive scratched. Everything looks top-notch, so let’s talk about the material itself.

At The End Of The World carries five ear-appealing compositions that perfectly illustrate what would later become an established Hello London sound. There’s no way you won’t notice how an artist assembled these numbers by following some primary rules of indie and pop-punk music. Still, these songs resonate with some unique ambiance that leans more towards indie than pop-punk. It’s an already proven formula that Hello London perfected with his previous recordings and it also works fine these days. Of course, you’ll notice some sonic maneuvers that might resemble something alternative, emo, melodic punk rock, and other similar groups would eventually record throughout their careers. However, At The End Of The World resonates with a unique ambiance that’s not hearable on any other material recorded by those bands. This type of sound is courtesy of Hello London, who knows how to write, compose, and produce mellow, catchy, pleasant, but entirely energetic compositions capable of convincing even the pickiest indie fans to spin this vinyl again and again. Therefore, if you’re into cleverly assembled arpeggiated and regular chord progressions, luxuriously distorted riffs, warm-sounding basslines, energetic rhythmic sequences, and ear-appealing vocal harmonies, At The End Of The World will be right up your alley. The vinyl record is available directly from Hello London, so head over to his Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.





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