Sam Girling - Attacca LP - Blowtorch Records

Sam Girling – Attacca LP (Blowtorch Records)

Sam Girling - Attacca LP - Blowtorch Records

It’s been a while since we had electronic music on our pages, so this release came just in time for a review. Attacca is the latest full-length by Sam Girling, a Bedford-based electronic music producer & DJ. For this particular release, Girling assembled thirteen tracks into a singular mix, while the other side showcases the extended version of Take Your Time. It’s a perfect piece of plastic for anyone who wants to blast some incredible sonic maneuvers during the parties without bothering too much around the turntable, mainly because each composition sounds divine. Also, it’s interesting that Blowtorch Records decided to publish this material since the label is more into the garage, punk rock, indie, and other forms of guitar sound. Whatever may be the case for such a decision, the label did a wise move by publishing this gem.

Girling explores so many subgenres of electronic music that you’ll need to spin this mixtape several times before you grasp them all. You’ll notice acid, house, deep house, tech house, dance, EDM, classic techno, breakbeat, etc. Each track has around a minute and a half, more or less, but that’s plenty of time to dive deep into everything this skillful producer intended to convey through this mixtape. Sam Girling’s flawless transitions, various sonic maneuvers, and appropriate effects that perfectly go with all these tracks showcase all the years of performing and producing. The leads, themes, ambiances, melodies, harmonies, enhancements, accentuations, rhythmic sequences, and other details invested into this mixtape are so catchy, hypnotic, and complex, so there’s no way you’ll dislike the A-side of this piece of plastic if you’re profoundly into electronic music.

The other side carries the extended version of Take Your Time, one of his latest singles. It’s an old-school dance/techno composition with mesmerizing piano sequences and dynamic synth beats. You’ll also notice repetitious vocal harmonies that unquestionably decorate this track even more. The song becomes even more progressive, psychedelic, and danceable once it transits into You Don’t Wanna Know, a continuation of Take Your Time, but in a more instrumental form. Unlike the mixtape on the A-Side, these two tracks showcase a natural progression from abrasive, old-school, retro to contemporary, polished electronic sound. Both sides are great, and each composition carries something for everyone. Therefore, grab this gem on vinyl at Blowtorch Records.





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