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Big Batch – The Last To Fall CD (Minimal Chords)

Big Batch - The Last To Fall CD - Minimal Chords

Another exceptional release arrived recently at our headquarters. I wasn’t familiar with this band before, but their name sounded familiar. Big Batch is a French melodic punk rock group that nurtures a mesmerizing sound. In just a few years, the band published several singles and two full-length releases, such as We’re Back and The Last To Fall. Big Batch have sounded outstanding since day one, and their debut is pretty much solid proof of it, but they unquestionably upgraded their sound with The Last To Fall. It’s a natural progression that gradually comes over the years while playing with the same people in the band. You learn through music alongside colleagues and implement fresh ideas into your sound. That’s what happened to Big Batch too.

However, The Last To Fall showcases many innovations in songwriting, composing, and producing. You’ll undoubtedly notice that if you compare The Last To Fall with We’re Back. Big Batch sounds more powerful, heavier, energetic, and dynamic than before, thanks to the self-development, implementation of new ideas, changes in sonic directions, etc. Perhaps Big Batch nurtures that ear-appealing melodic punk rock sound, but these folks are not escaping from modern streetpunk, rock ‘n’ roll, pop-punk, indie, or other complementary music genres. These new songs are more energetic, anthemic, and melodic. The sound engineer/producer recognized the quality of The Last To Fall, so he uplifted this material with some tweaks that perfectly pair with the latest trends in music production.

Big Batch solely rely upon heavily distorted chord progressions, heavy riffs, various leads, themes, and melodies. The guitars work flawlessly together in shaping a luxurious punk rock sound that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of the genre. The sound engineer/producer cleverly implemented the bass guitar right beneath the guitar layers, but you’ll hear every low-end tone and bassline delivered by this instrument. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without the exceptional drumming performance based upon wisely assembled rhythmic sequences, accentuations, fills, and other percussive acrobatics that define the best punk rock albums. The semi-distorted vocal harmonies match the raw, abrasive, fuzzy, but not overly dirty ambiance. Of course, there are also exceptionally recorded back vocals that give a more anthemic feel to these songs. Big Batch sound marvelous from scratch to finish, and their latest album will be right up your alley if you’re deeply into melodic punk rock sound. The album is available on CD and all streaming services, so pick up your weapon of choice and blast The Last To Fall loud. Visit Minimal Chords for more information about ordering this album on CD.





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