Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Eternal Circles Of Fuzz 7" - Subunderground Concentric Awesomeness

Ford’s Fuzz Inferno – Eternal Circles Of Fuzz 7″ (Subunderground Concentric Awesomeness)

Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Eternal Circles Of Fuzz 7" - Subunderground Concentric Awesomeness

Last month you had a chance to read about Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed, Flog Yourself With Fuzz, Fuzz The Universe, and Death To The Fuzz Family, four exceptional extended play releases by Dutch hardcore punk duo Ford’s Fuzz Inferno. If you paid close attention to those reviews, you probably learned how these experienced musicians blended several complementary music genres to achieve such a unique and refreshing sound. Honestly, it’s been a while since I heard a band capable of exploring the depths of the eighties hardcore, punk rock, proto-grunge, grunge, and indie scene without sounding pretentious, repetitious, and boring. However, these folks ultimately succeeded in delivering that exceptional sound that evokes time when you listened to this genres for the first time. There are no other bands out there who are brave enough to do it without stealing at least one riff or idea here and there, but Ford’s Fuzz Inferno somehow managed to do it without sounding like any other band.

Eternal Circles Of Fuzz is more than a rock-solid proof of how eighties hardcore punk could still sound good nowadays if the bands aimed to create something entirely new instead of aiming for that classic, repetitious sound. A brand new extended play release by this Dutch duo carries four insanely good compositions that will immediately throw you back in times when punk rock and hardcore punk were still relatively new things on the worldwide music scene. I am talking about the late seventies and early eighties sound, with a subtle touch of mid to late eighties hardcore punk, proto-grunge, grunge, and indie. Like on their previous recordings, Ford’s Fuzz inferno retained a dosage of mellowness through thoughtfully arranged melodies that serve as a contrast to that raw, abrasive, fuzzy layer of heavily distorted guitars. I adore how these guys continuously dabble with proto-grunge, grunge, and indie in their tracks. Maybe these moments will remind you of some melodic streetpunk, but I guess Ford’s Fuzz Inferno aimed much more towards that mid to late eighties indie punk sound. Besides generously distorted riffs and chord progressions, you’ll notice how continuous splashes over the cymbals create even more noise that unquestionably shapes up that dirty ambiance. Still, you’ll hear everything these guys incorporated into their songs. Ford’s Fuzz Inferno once again proved that they are an outstanding hardcore punk project worth listening to until you erase all the grooves on vinyl. Eternal Circles Of Fuzz is available directly from the Ford’s Fuzz Inferno’s Bandcamp page.




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