Among The Masses - Wrong Turn

Among The Masses – Wrong Turn

Among The Masses - Wrong Turn

After an Invincible EP and a series of standalone singles launched in 2018, the Stockholm-based quartet Among The Masses released another exceptional composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of synthwave music. Wrong Turn was published in 2022. It is also the latest fine piece of sonic artistry released by these experienced musicians. The song serves as a proper continuation of their previous works, but it also delivers many innovations in writing, composing, recording, and producing. Among The Masses nurture such a unique sound based upon the fundamentals of synthwave music. However, you’ll undoubtedly hear how some other complementary music genres inspired them to write and compose such an incredible number. Therefore, you can expect some of the finest properties borrowed from synth-pop, eighties electronic music, new wave, dark wave, post-punk, and goth rock.

Among The Masses

These additional music genres serve as necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that define only the best synthwave songs. Among The Masses thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver, and Wrong Turn will satisfy the cravings even among the pickiest fans of the genre. These folks will hypnotize you with mesmerizing leads, melodies, and abrasive basslines. There are loads of sequenced sonic maneuvers that are so detailed, progressive, psychedelic, and complex. So, you’ll have so much fun discovering an entire universe built upon everything Among The Masses incorporated into their number. Of course, nothing would sound so profoundly groovy, dynamic, and energetic without equally detailed synth beats. The lead vocal harmonies provide another layer of melodies that uplift this number on an entirely new level. Still, let’s not forget about cathartic back vocals on the leading theme and chorus, which improve the ambiance even more. You’ll hardly find any better synthwave composition than Wrong Turn, which unquestionably places Among The Masses at the top of contemporary synthwave scene. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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