Confusion Team Up With DAZE & Generation Records For Release Of “Storm The Walls: 1990-1994”


New York metalcore band Confusion came to rise out of Brooklyn in the early 1990s, mixing real hardcore with death metal. Mostly quiet since their initial break-up in 1994, today the band teams up with DAZE and New York’s Generation Records to announce Storm The Walls: 1990-1994. The compilation, which will be available on CD and vinyl this summer, is the complete recorded discography of the band, remastered by Mark Dann. The packaging features liner notes from members of Indecision, All Out War, Starkweather, Next Step Up, Darkside NYC and more. Combining the brutality of Obituary and Deicide with the groove and street smarts of Biohazard and Breakdown, Confusion is often credited for creating the original “deathcore” sound.

Today, the band share the newly remastered version of single “Storm The Walls,” which originally appeared on Back ta Basics Records monumental A Call For Unity: East Coast Hardcore Compilation. The song is available now on streaming servicesBandcamp, and YouTube.





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