The Postman Syndrome

The Postman Syndrome: Silent Pendulum Records Presents 20th Anniversary Reissue Of “Terraforming”

The Postman Syndrome

Two decades after the album’s initial release, Silent Pendulum Records announces the April 14th release date of the official reissue of Terraforming, the auspicious 2002 debut from New Jersey band The Postman Syndrome.

Silent Pendulum’s reissue marks the first time this great album has ever been released on vinyl and, fully remixed by Scott Evans (Thrice, Kowloon Walled City) and remastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Torche), the music shines in a way never before heard.

Ahead of its time, The Postman Syndrome crafted epic songs that mixed post-hardcore, progressive metal, space rock, and more. With its forward-thinking approach placing them in the ranks of contemporaries such as Cave In, Between the Buried and Me, and The Number Twelve Looks Like You, the quintet caught the attention of a small but devoted fanbase that has grown over time even after the band broke up in 2005.

A PunkNews reviews likened Terraforming to Cave In’s groundbreaking Jupiter, stating: “Both albums switch from amazing hardcore-rooted music to weird noise to amazingly melodic and memorable tracks.”

In the years since 2005, bassist Brett Bamberger and guitarist/vocalist Matt Lupo went on to form new band East of the Wall with original drummer Mike Somers, while Bamberger, guitarist/vocalist Jim Stang, guitarist/vocalist Chris Alfano, and later-era drummer Seth Rheam started Day Without Dawn. Alfano and Rheam have since joined East of the Wall as well. Members have played in numerous other projects (especially Bamberger, whose resumé includes Revocation, Publicist UK, River Black, and more), but fans continue to have an affinity for the collective’s initial endeavor.

Pre-order Terraforming here (LP): HERE

Pre-order Terraforming here (digital): HERE





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