Ain't - Life Of Crime

Ain’t Released New Single “Life Of Crime”

Ain't - Life Of Crime

After releasing his first album “Lo-Fi Demo EP” last summer, the Italian artist AIN’T is back to blow the listeners away with a cover of a band that made the history of Punk Rock. Life Of Crime, originally performed by The Weirdos, is the new single by the Italian musician. This new release once again ties punk and metal vibes together in a nihilistic dirty sound. The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano D’Angelo (aka AIN’T) in his studio.

Here is how AIN’T describes his last creature: “I always liked the way how Weirdos made punk: rough and angry. My version doesn’t show this features, maybe because I’m not pissed off like them. I made it in my own style. In the end, I think I got what I wanted.”

AIN’T – the pseudonym of lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Stefano D’Angelo – is an Italian artist from Penne since 2020. Combining elements that go from Classic Rock to Noise, Punk and Black Metal, AIN’T created his own style with melodic and aggressive tunes that let the listener dive into dark nihilistic vibes. AIN’T had his debut on July 1st 2022 with his self-released album “Lo-Fi Demo EP”.





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