Kevlar Bikini

Premiere: Kevlar Bikini Drop Video For “Flirting With Nihilism”

Kevlar Bikini

Croatian band Kevlar Bikini released the a new music video, for Flirting With Nihilism, the 8th single off of their latest album, “OPT-OUTism”. The video was recorded in the fringe areas of Zagreb (fringe in every sense of the word!), and everything from directing and recording to editing is done solely by the band. The video is visually in tune with the hypnotic mood of the song and there is no shortage of psychedelic scenes. This is the eighth video off of “OPT-OUTism” – the band is drawing close to the magic number of 10 music videos – one for each of the album’s songs.

But the band isn’t working only on this video saga – preproduction of new songs is finished and the boys are soon entering the studio to record their 5th LP! Coming soon to an eardrum near you…

“OPT-OUTism” is available via Geenger Records –> LINK





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