Half Me

Half Me Drop Video For “I Am But A Guest In Exile”

Half Me
Photo by Lisa-Marie Tanck

HALF ME are one of the newest additions to the Arising Empire roster. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, this five-piece was founded in October 2018 after the demise of each other’s prior bands. Musically, the band blends modern metal and hardcore with ’90s, nu-metal vibe. 

Today, Half Me have shared the video for “I Am But A Guest In Exile.” Watch it here.

“‘I Am But A Guest In Exile’ is leading into the final act of the album,” the band says. “The fear of being replaced is getting out of hand and delusion is spiraling out of control. The entity that has accompanied them for so long is beginning to force itself onto the protagonist. Has it already taken over? There’s no way to determine from the outside… so is it even possible to notice from within? While suffering from sleep withdrawal and schizophrenic episodes, the protagonist is repeating their mantra to stay in control: Don’t black out.”

The track appears on SOMA, out tomorrow, February 17, via Arising Empire. Get it here.





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