De Forbandede

De Forbandede Released New Single “Omvendt Tyngdekraft”

De Forbandede
Photo by Line Svindt

Danish fuzz rock quartet DE FORBANDEDE (‘The Accursed’ in Danish) is back with its third record – the double album ‘Menneske’ (‘Human’ in Danish) which will be released May 12th 2023. With this, the band has created a huge body of work, which through the nineteen album songs embraces everything from fuzz bangers to psychedelic epics with a thematic focus on human existence, for good and bad, in past, present and future.

Until now, DE FORBANDEDE has released three singles from the album, and today sees the releases of the fourth single ‘Omvendt Tyngdekraft’ (‘Reversed Gravity’ in Danish) – a genuine psychedelic rock-hit about being ok with the universe. Organ player and lyricist Michael elaborates on the song:

“Omvendt Tyngdekraft” is a story about tripping out on a beach on a starry summer night. You lie in the sand, the vast sky pulls you out, the waves crashing, the wind blowing. Everything is alright.”  

‘Menneske’ is released on digital formats and cassette tape on May 12th 2023 via SomeStudio, and the double vinyl will arrive later in 2023. The album is produced by Michael Hansen Buur, mixed by Jens Prip Brandt, mastered by Jacob Hansen and has artwork by NMAAR. The band expects to announce a handful of Scandinavian release shows in the near future.

DE FORBANDEDE was formed in 2015 drawing inspiration from heavy psychedelic rock legends Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath and newer stoner/garage bands such as Monster Magnet and Baby Woodrose, as well as  H.P. Lovecraft, science fiction, 60’s horror and Danish 80’s poets. 

A subsequently high activity level from DE FORBANDEDE resulted in first a 7” vinyl single and an EP, then two full length albums ‘De Forbandede’ (2017) and ‘Den Evige Nat’ (2017), and then followed more singles, EP’s and a long string of shows in Denmark and abroad, among those SPOT Festival, Gutter Island and packed Scandinavian venues. Along the way, the band became a tight unit making its mark as a intense live act and as one of the most essential newer Danish psych rock ensembles.

With the new double album ‘Menneske’, DE FORBANDEDE has created a massive body of work which through nineteen songs utilizes the many facets of classic rock music with everything from short, catchy rock tunes to longer epic and dynamic tracks fully unfolding the band’s format and love for fuzz, guitar solos and hammond organ. In the band’s own words, the songs examines “all those fallible humans, in good and bad, in past and future” with a special focus on the grim religious traditions of old times, the now’s existential dilemmas, the transcendental universal being and the destructive tendencies of mankind.





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