Mourning Sun

Mourning Sun Released New Single & Video “Spineless”

Mourning Sun

Metalcore act “Mourning Sun” drops their latest single and video “Spineless” alongside their upcoming EP, Second Skin – and we can all relate!

“Spineless confronts the fake people in all of our lives who are supposed to be there for you but never are. Finally pissed off by my own friends telling me I was spineless, I decided to write them a message with this song.”

Mourning Sun (TX) is a San Antonio-based metalcore band established in 2017 upon releasing their EP “Therapy Sessions,” which gained a lot of traction among a diverse group of fans with its profound lyrics and emotion-filled musical composition. The band was deeply rooted in the music scene when the White Rabbit was still raging with the best local as well as some of the most popular bands on any given night. With Coby Gutierrez and Josh Gomez bringing both heavy and melodic sounds on guitar, John Harvey on the drums, and Emmanuel Facio playing bass, the upcoming releases are unparalleled. Their former bassist, Jerecho Barrera has now reprised the role of lead singer and lyricist, creating a sound Mourning Sun fans will be sure to appreciate as nostalgic and new all in one experience.

Playing countless shows all around Texas, Mourning Sun has performed with The Plot in You, Silent Planet, Like Moths to Flames, Dayseeker and The Devil Wears Prada among many others. 

“We are boundlessly thankfully for everyone who listens and supports us, we’re here to create music that people can connect to which in turn connects us to them because we are nothing without listeners like you.“

– Mourning Sun





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