Quicksand: Slip 30th Anniversary LP On Iodine Recordings

Photo by Michele Taylor

Influential label Iodine Recordings, which launched back in 1996 by distributing punk and hardcore records from a cramped apartment in Boston during the golden age of mail-order and print catalogs, rebooted in 2022 with reissues and new albums alike.

Iodine’s singular mission and one that has not changed since its inception in 1996 — to release the best of the best in indie and underground music and ALWAYS put fans first.

Today, the label announces the reissue of a quintessential and definitive post-hardcore release — Quicksand‘s Slip.

The reissue will come in three configurations, including a hard cover book that is a “must own” for diehard fans and collectors. The book includes written contributions from members of Anthrax, Helmet, Sepultura, Thursday, Rise Against, Refused, Youth of Today, Thrice, Agnostic Front, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Cave In, and many more. Additional details are below.

Pre-order it here.

  • Quicksand - Slip LP - 30th Anniversary Reissue
  • Quicksand - Slip LP - 30th Anniversary Reissue
  • Quicksand - Slip LP - 30th Anniversary Reissue
  • Quicksand - Slip LP - 30th Anniversary Reissue
  • Quicksand - Slip LP - 30th Anniversary Reissue
  • Quicksand - Slip LP - 30th Anniversary Reissue

Few albums fully establish and encapsulate a genre like Quicksand’s debut album Slip does for post-hardcore. Originally recorded in 1992 and released in early February 1993, Slip is as relevant and important an album today as it was nearly 30 years ago. Slip is a musical bridge between the 1980s New York Hardcore scene from which Quicksand’s members cut their teeth on, and the burgeoning sound of the ’90s heavy rock. It’s an album that stands toe-to-toe with other great records released that year, but the band’s NYHC roots give the record an edge you won’t hear on an In Utero or Siamese Dream.

Lead track “Fazer” throws listeners straight into a brick wall of heavy guitars. Quicksand’s gritty genius is immediately apparent in the song: a group confident in their ability to mix heaviness, melody, and big-chorus sensibilities in a way none of their peers could dream of. Frontman Walter Schreifels and company merge their vast pool of influences (citing everyone from Bad Brains to Danzig) into a sound that’s undeniably Quicksand. Nowhere is this more apparent than the album’s lead single “Dine Alone.” It’s a deceptively catchy song that exposed countless MTV watchers to crushing riffs, Schreifel’s gritty-yet-beautiful yowling, and a still legendary odyssey of a bridge.

  • Quicksand
  • Quicksand
  • Quicksand
  • Quicksand
  • Quicksand

The album is proof positive that a band can write some of the heaviest riffs ever, while still pausing for moments to space out on songs like “Lie and Wait.” The record concludes with a summation of all its accomplishments in “Transparent,” offering up guitar riffs that manage to sound heavy and hopeful at the same time. “Transparent” reinterprets Revolution-Summer forward-thinking positive mindset in a new context of rock music. It’s as though the band is aware of the righteous wave of great music they’re ushering in with this album. Slip gave everyone including Deftones, Glassjaw, Title Fight, and hundreds more the blueprint of what post-hardcore can accomplish. Quicksand firmly cemented Slip as an essential album in rock music and a testament to how far punk rock can go. 

Slip was recorded by Quicksand members Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today), Tom Capone (Beyond, Bold), Sergio Vega (Deftones, Moondog), and Alan Cage (Beyond, Seaweed) and co-produced by Steven Haigler (Pixies) and Don Fury (Sick of it All, Agnostic Front). Remastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor).

Quicksand - Slip - 30th Anniversary Reissue - Standard Edition

Available for the first time in over a decade, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Slip was completely remastered for vinyl using the original 1993 master tapes and includes bonus track “How Soon is Now?” The jacket artwork was reconstructed using original art elements and color improvements. Complete with several limited beautiful vinyl variants.

The Limited Deluxe Gatefold Edition includes a gold foil embossed Slipcase, a gatefold jacket, and a bonus triple gatefold poster, which features several never-seen-before photographs, rare show flyers, and commentary from Sam Siegler (Youth of Today, Judge, Rival Schools), Drew Thomas (Into Another, Bold), Jordan Cooper (Revelation Records), and Kate Reddy (108).

Quicksand - Slip - 30th Anniversary Reissue - Deluxe Edition

The Limited-Edition Deluxe LP and 64-page hardcover book chronicles the release of this influential album. Includes a foreword by Walter Schreifels, never-before-seen photographs, original art, rare concert posters, show flyers, and ephemera from 1990-1994. Written contributions from members of Anthrax, Helmet, Sepultura, Thursday, Rise Against, Refused, Youth of Today, Thrice, Agnostic Front, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Cave In, and many more. Complete with a case-wrapped, soft touch cover, a must have addition for any fan’s collection. Presented on a Yellow and Red Swirl Vinyl. Limited to only 2000 copies, with foil stamped numbering.

Artists reflect on why Quicksand’s “Slip” was so essential for them:

NATHAN GRAY (The Iron Roses, BoySetsFire)
When Slip came out, I hadn’t heard much about Quicksand and was in one of those stagnant periods where I wasn’t seeking out much new music. It was the first few seconds of Unfulfilled that changed everything for me… it was exactly what I needed to break out of a gnarly slump I was in. That bassline… the noisy guitar scrapes…it was heavy, melodic, angular, and hooky all at the same time… then… the voice. Walter’s voice, and more specifically how he uses it in such brutal songs has always blown me away. There’s an originality and flare that remains his signature stamp on the genre of hardcore/post hardcore that was in desperate need of some original and forward thinking next steps. 

ROB HITT (Midtown)
If I’m being honest, my first memory of the Quicksand “Slip” album was seeing all the talented musicians in high school wearing their shirts. I still kick myself to this day for missing them at City Gardens in 1993.

JOSEPH GRILLO (Her Head’s On Fire, Garrison)
Much like a T Rex record or … there is a strut and swagger to Quicksand’s “Slip”. It doesn’t matter which song or which part of which song is playing when you enter a room. Your head simply bobs, your eyes slightly shut and the sway and pull of the band’s rhythms hypnotizes your hips as you walk a little smoother, smile a little wider, and embrace the total New York City cool that the four of them so effortlessly put forth. There is an immediacy to their songs, a freshness in their delivery that evokes both youthful angst coupled with the lyrics of an older more reflective soul. “Slip”, like the best of music, inspires, brings joy and makes us feel less alone in the world. An absolute achievement. 

Quicksand was a unifier — they pulled people in from all corners of the punk and hardcore universe. ‘Slip’ marked a creative shift in the 90s and is still a major influence on innovators to this day. It’s a privilege to be a part of the preservation of this groundbreaking album’s legacy having got to work on the 30th anniversary reissue for Iodine. 

JOLIE LINDHOLM (The Darling Fire, Rocking Horse Winner)
The first time I saw Quicksand in NYC in the early 90’s, I remember the way they grooved, and how the crowd moved as one when they played. Their sound is so unique and influential, and it was definitely something new that hadn’t been done in this way. “Slip” is the epitome of what post-hardcore is, for me. “Fazer,” oozes attitude, and “Dine Alone” is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Walter’s approach over the guitars and bass as they intertwine moves me every time. His melodic vocal choices and the rise and fall over the music, along with his lyrics have influenced me as a singer. It’s something that’s become part of my mental Rolodex when writing.

CHRIS ENRIQUEZ (On The Might of Princes, Light Tower)
The first time I heard of Quicksand was while watching Headbangers Ball in 1993. I was 12 years old and a fan of Anthrax and White Zombie who had taken them on tour. On this particular episode, they were interviewing the bands and when they got to Quicksand, they all had short hair, street clothes, kinda looked like skaters, which was relatable to me at this point in my life vs what the other bands looked like, which was still more like rockstar vibes. I was already into punk and skateboarding but what I was about to witness was on another level. When they played the music video, which was either “Fazer” or “Dine Alone,” I remember being floored. Bands like them, Helmet and the other NYC post hardcore acts that I eventually discovered hadn’t been on my radar yet so this was my first introduction to this fresh new sound. I became obsessed and even dove into all their older bands to understand where it came from. I eventually saw them during a reunion many years later in 1998 at Roseland in NYC opening for Deftones and the place went off. You would’ve thought Slayer or Pantera were playing based on the crowd reaction. I’ve been a huge fan ever since and am proud to call them my good friends today! “Slip” sounds as fresh today as it did when I first heard it 30 years ago.

ADAM MARINO (Saetia, Errortype:11, Attempt Survivors)
The first time I heard Quicksand was around 1991. I was in high school, and a friend had made me a tape with the Revelation 7” on it. From the moment “Omission” came on, I fell in love. At that point in time, Jane’s Addiction was my favorite band and I immediately felt like Quicksand was a heavier version of them. I wore that tape out and was so excited for their full length album to come out. I will never forget going to Tower Records and buying Slip the day it came out. Pressing play and hearing “Fazer” was one of those musical life changing moments. 30 years later, Slip is still in heavy rotation and gives me the same feeling every time I put it on. Perfect album front to back.

I’ve loved quicksand since the first time I saw the video for “Dine Alone” in 93, 2 years before I photographed my first concert. I was only a sophomore in high school then. I missed their earlier shows because I was too young. In later years I was suffering with flares ulcerative colitis and chrones disease causing me to miss any of their shows… Until I finally had the chance to see them on 8-3-18 at Brooklyn Steele. I took a chance and sent Walter a message on Insta asking to shoot them, he said yes! At 15 years old in 1993 I never would have believed that 25 years later I’d be between the barrier shooting one of my favorite bands!

JEFF SMITH (Jeromes Dream)
When I was in high school I played in my first band with these two older punks.  They had to be at least ten years older than me.  I thought they were the coolest people I had ever met and before I met them I had no idea what NYHC was.  Quickly, though, bands like Sick Of It All and Gorilla Biscuits became mainstays in my rotation.  I took what little money I made from my first job making pizzas to buy the records they played for me.  I couldn’t get enough.

There was this one record, though.  It stood out from all the others.  This one record that I kept returning to because of its melody and complexity and moodiness and maturity.  This record was something completely different and otherworldly.  It was unlike anything I had ever heard.  And now, in 2023, I’m listening to Quicksand’s Slip for what might be the one thousandth time.  Every time a new song starts I get chills thinking about what it was like listening to it for the first time.  I can’t begin to describe how important Quicksand was to my development and trajectory in making music.  I can’t think of more than two or three other records that made as much of an impact on me as Slip.

I know that nearly everybody that buys this record has some deep, formative memory associated with it and I hope they find the same joy listening to it today that they did when it was new.  Or new to them.  Just as I am tonight.





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