Six Days Of Calm

Six Days Of Calm Released Video For “Uncertainty”

Six Days Of Calm
Photo By Tony Wehnert

SIX DAYS OF CALM released the first single from the forthcoming album „My Little, Safe Place“, which will be released in November 2023 via Midsummer Records.

For this second album Fischer opted to reunite the first record’s winning team, with Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) in the producer’s chair, and Philipp Welsing (of Original Mastering, Lantlos, Callejon, Betterov, and others) assuming mastering duties.

„Uncertainty“ sends us on a sprawling, eight minutes long musical journey that covers all of SIX DAYS OF CALMs strongest traits: fragile electronic ambience gives way to towering post rock walls of sound, creating a powerful, thrilling atmosphere that oscillates between the haunted and the hopeful.

The accompanying mysterious video clip was once again created by former collaborator Rob Krings, this time working with compelling dancer and actress Luisa Raukopf.





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