Reminders Released New Single “International Dial Tones”

Isle of Wight indie punks Reminders Reminders are sharing their new track “International Dial Tones,” the first-ever release since their 2022 highly-praised debut album ‘Best Of Beach Punk.’

A failing transatlantic relationship and a timeless riff are all it took for Reminders to produce their most authentic power pop track to date.

“International Dial Tones” feels like summer, reads like infatuation, and sounds like (a Gen Z) Undertones/Ramones supergroup. They are a true punk rock power trio firing on all cylinders, straight from the garage, rough around the edges, and yet the most refined we’ve heard the band yet.

The beach punk boys of 2022 enter 2023 having graduated into bonafide songsmiths, and there is no further proof necessary than “International Dial Tones.”

Reminders have shows coming up with Lovebreakers. Check out the dates below.

Reminders 2023 Live Dates:

27/01 • Todmorden • The Golden Lion (supporting Meryl Streek)

29/01 • Glasgow • The Old Hairdressers

30/01 • Nottingham • Bodega

31/01 • Manchester • Castle Hotel

01/02 • London • The Black Heart

02/02 • Bath • Moles

03/02 • Birmingham • The Flapper






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