Solo Solo

SOLO SOLO Release Self-Titled Debut EP & Melodious single “Wedding Guests”

Photo by Kate Blaising

Austin-based bedroom pop duo Solo Solo released their debut self-titled EP and lead single “Wedding Guests”. Following the releases of singles “No Sleep”, “Pure Graffiti” and “Sudden Sea”, the band explores the new wave of DIY in their first official release. Combining shoegaze dream-pop with an authentic and fresh production sound, while the songwriting unveils a personal and confessional view into the band, creating an intimate atmosphere which will leave you exceedingly compelled to listen. 

Dripping with nonchalance, this track throws down an effortlessly chill vibe with the use of room mics on all the instruments, especially the drum kit. We were going for a live band sound to capture that ‘this-is-only-going-to-happen-one-time’ feeling that people get at weddings. Inspired by the drummer’s wedding reception, this song was intended to have a romantic twist with a little indie rock attitude, some edge… and of course a dance break in the middle after uttering, “You say I can’t dance, but I got moves for days.” This is one for the dance floor. This one is for the wedding DJ to play just a little too loud. Greg Denn, explains of the single “Wedding Guests” taken from the debut record.

Solo Solo is an indie rock, sibling duo. They live in Austin. They wrote, recorded, and mixed their first songs during quarantine in a storage unit. It was really hot in there. Greg’s the big brother. He got hit by a car and only has one-and-a-half legs now. Jon’s the little brother. He’s normal af. Their genre is technically indie rock, but it’s really “Early Tarantino.” They only speak in movie quotes and they both think they’re the lovable anti-hero.





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