InTechnicolour Announce Remixes Album; Stream “Corner Of Time In The World” (Sugar Horse Remix)

Photo by Martin Ruffin

UK rock quartet InTechnicolour have announced Midnight Heavyweight Remixed, a collection of unique takes on songs from their highly recent album Midnight Heavyweight. The album features remixes and covers by Jamie LenmanEl Moono, CLT DRP, Skin Failure and more. Alongside the announcement the band have unveiled a powerfully immersive version of ‘Corner Of Time In The World’ by Sugar Horse.

On the new remix, vocalist / guitarist Ashley Tubb of Sugar Horse commented: “It was an honour to be asked to completely ruin a lovely song from a lovely band. If you’re gonna destroy something, you may as well completely demolish it and rebuild it (badly).”

On the remix album, InTechnicolour bassist Vlad Matveikov commented: “Overall the idea behind this album is to continue bringing the original Midnight Heavyweight to people’s attention, and to get our friends in music to have a hack at their own take of the songs we have written in lockdown, and that are out for everyone to enjoy now.”

Also appearing on Midnight Heavyweight Remixed are Bully LunnLambrini GirlsFrauds and God Alone, full track list is below.

InTechnicolour have also announced run of dates with alternative act El Moono in March 2023. Catch the bands on the follow dates –

Mar 09th – UK Sheffield – Tickets
Mar 10th – UK Nottingham – Tickets
Mar 11th – UK Liverpool – Tickets
Mar 17th – UK St Albans – Tickets
Mar 18th – UK Luton – Tickets
Mar 19th – UK Guildford – Tickets





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