Touray - Where I'm Going

Touray – Where I’m Going

Touray - Where I'm Going

After the excellent debut single Bitter Moment, London-based artist Touray returns with another fine piece of sonic artistry that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of indie music. Where I’m Going delivers some fresh ideas to the indie scene, drenched with layers of melancholic melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions. It is a complex composition backed by brilliant storytelling that only Touray can convey in the right way. Perhaps this composition bursts with some of the finest properties of the early 2000s indie rock music, but Touray also incorporated some other sonic elements along the way. You’ll hear many similarities with the mid-eighties to mid-nineties post-punk or late-nineties pop-punk sound. Touray included so many details that you’ll spend some time until you catch them all. Therefore, this catchy song demands your utmost attention and repetitious listening.

Touray - Where I'm Going

The song commences with powerful, semi-distorted chord progressions and energetic rhythmic sequences. Touray’s ear-appealing vocal harmonies decorate these orchestrations even more, while another layer of guitars provides a slightly disharmonic, dissonant, but pleasant layer of noise over the top. These sonic maneuvers wouldn’t work out for other artists/bands, but Touray combined all these layers together in a harmonious slab that will appeal to your ears. It’s nearly mindblowing how Where I’m Going bursts with all the calm, relaxing, cathartic tones, melodies, and harmonies from beginning to end. The pleasant listening experience is more than guaranteed, and Touray is one of those new indie artists you should unquestionably check out. Where I’m Going is available o on all streaming platforms.





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