Superlove Shared New Single “BARFIGHT!”


Bristolian noise-pop three-piece Superlove have returned with the release of their new deluxe edition of their debut album “Colours” via Rude Records. This revamped version of “Colours” features two new tracks – the atmospheric “Noises” and the punked-out “BARFIGHT!”. Order the physical deluxe edition HERE or stream on all platforms HERE.

Speaking about “BARFIGHT!”Superlove share some insight into the new track: “It’s all about just being absolutely infuriated by just current affairs in general. Everything’s a mess and we just wrote the song from the perspective of some absolute nutcase who marches down to their local pub and smashes up the gaff. Imagine it played out in some sort of cartoon-esque type sketch. That was the general fun idea and we just wanted to bundle it up into a rager of a song to soundtrack a bar fight straight out of a film”.
On the deluxe edition of “Colours”Superlove continue: “These two tracks were written and recorded along with the rest of the album in the summer of 2021. We really love these songs so much and they both sit on the opposite scale of our sound of that time. We couldn’t find the right home for them within the track-listing when we were putting that together so decided to put them on the shelf for a later date, until now! It’s our sort of early Christmas present for fans of our music! We have been working on some brand new songs so decided this would be a nice way to tie up the end of the year”.

Released in April 2022 via Rude Records“Colours” (co-produced by Superlove themselves) earnt support from swathes of the UK music press. Wonderland stated “listeners can be expect to be swept off their feet and into the bands indie-tinged soundscape upon first listen” and Rock Sound called them “Infectiously lovely”. Featuring the imitable singles “Save Yourselves”, “wanna luv u”, “Bestfriends”, “Maybe I Could Tell You”,“World Of Wonder”and title track “Colours”, Superlove stepped out into their own and successfully showcased themselves as young producers, songwriters and performers upon the records’ release.





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