The Kompressor Experiment

The Kompressor Experiment Shared “Ebb & Flow” Live Session

The Kompressor Experiment

A couple of weeks after the official release of their new album ‘Ebb & Flow’, Swiss instrumental post-prog metallers The Kompressor Experiment shared a few live sessin recorded @ Le Port-Franc, Sion (Switzerland) and available as streaming exclusive on the Wherepostrockdwells YouTube Channel.

The album is still available on CD, LP & Digital on the main legal platforms through SundayFog Records 

Founded in 2014, The Kompressor Experiment defines itself as an instrumental Post-Metal band.

In 2016, the band released its debut full-length album called ‘DOUZE’ following by an EP (‘Monolith’) three years later.

After rewriting a Post-Metal soundtrack for ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, the band performed a dozen cinema-concerts in Switzerland. At the same time, the band also played standard live shows (PALP Festival, Le Romandie) and released their second album “2001” in october 2019. During spring of 2020, a line-up change occurred.

The band recorded and released an EP named “KMPXP” for this milestone. It also announced the new artistic direction for the future of The Kompressor Experiment.

This new album, ‘Ebb & Flow’ is recorded during spring of 2021 by Ludovic Volper (Méande). Darker and more frantic than ever, the 7 tracks present a view of the history of mankind, its uncertain beginnings (Endure The Sky, Riss-Würm), through its exponential development (Epigenesis), its infinite violent cycles (Tooth & Nail, Castle Bravo I and II) to end on a hope for resilience (Liminal Space). Musically, the album draws from post-metal and prog-metal, with influences such as The Ocean, Leprous or Russian Circles while integrating elements from electronic music and offering a greater presence to synthesizers.

‘Ebb & Flow’ finally saw the light on April 9th, 2022 (Digital, CD and Vinyl) through Sunday Fog.





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